Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Milania will be a very successful business woman.

on Sep 18, 2011

"Princess Milania at your servant?" Bahahaa! I love Teresa-isms. I think she meant to say, "at your service." This is one of the reasons we love Teresa. Sticking her butthole in her husband’s face while sitting on it after having the runs, is another reason. What? Come on, you mean to tell me that you’ve never done that to your man? LOL! They are just so funny together. If Teresa runs with the runs, then I should have been able to run with my trapped gas. She's a trooper.

Joeboken night out looked like a lot of fun! Why weren't the rest of us invited? Are we too old? Am I the ugly, old, boring aunt now? When did this happen? Hello?