Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her ongoing struggle with Ashley.

on May 16, 2011

We're baaack, and I'm back to blogging! Yahoo! You know my first blog is usually the longest, because it's been a while and I always have a lot to say. Did you miss us? How do you like our newest cast members so far? You still have a lot to learn about them and more will be revealed to you as the season goes on. Welcome, newbies! Welcome to our crazy world! Enjoy the ride.

Teresa has been working very hard to help provide for her family. She's had an incredibly tough year, but she somehow manages to keeps her head held up high, take care of her family, and stand strong by her man. You have to respect her for that. I admire her energy and her strength. Teresa also keeps looking better and better. Her body is rockin' this year! Four kids... Really? I want your trainer!

Caroline is entering a new stage in her life as each of her kids leave the nest. All of her kids are going through new challenging stages in their lives as well. It's time for all of them to find out who they are as individuals, make new lives for themselves, and adjust to these new changes. Entering new waters can bring unexpected waves. I'm proud of all of them for taking that leap and working hard toward their goals. Let's see how they learn to cope with the new changes, challenges, and obstacles in their lives as a family. It always makes me cry when I see Caroline crying. I know how much she loves and adores her kids, and I know how much they love and adore her. It's normal for family members to evolve and change at different stages of their life, but the family bond should remain strong. Let's see what happens. And wait until you see Caroline's style this year. She looks amazing all around!

Melissa is Teresa's sassy, sexy sister-in-law who is married to Teresa's only brother, Joey. I'm sensing a little tension there between her and Teresa. How about you? I'm sure the back story will all play out on the show. Buckle up for that one. It seems that Melissa's husband works hard to provide for his family outside their home, and Melissa's job is to provide for the family inside their home. Stereotypical old school Italian household. Sound familiar? It does to me. Their three kids are adorable. Three kids with that body? Not fair! Her husband Joey is going to be fun to watch. Trust me! It was thoughtful of him to offer to apply lotion to Melissa's butt cheeks. What a guy. LOL! You can tell he is crazy about his wife. (Or is he just plain crazy?) Sometimes there's always more to a story. Watch and you decide for yourself as you get to know them and as their history unfolds.