Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her thoughts on the Ashley gift situation.

on Aug 3, 2011

So that was a RHONJ Christmas! What did you think? Good stuff, huh? We have so many family traditions on Christmas that I would love to share with you, but that would take a whole other blog to explain. Maybe I'll list those on my website that I keep waiting to be launched (should be soon). I will say that I can remember every Christmas as a child, begging my father to tell us the story he would tell every year of how the angel got on top the Christmas tree. It somehow ended with the angel pissing Santa off and telling the angel to, "Sit on it!" (Very age appropriate tales my father told.) You've got to love his sense of humor.

I also remember waking up early Christmas morning and grabbing my two brothers out of bed and getting so excited to go downstairs to see what Santa brought for us. I also wanted to see if he ate our cookies and drank the milk and to see if the reindeer got the carrots we left for them. We were not allowed to go downstairs until my father was up, cut his nails, shaved, showered, dressed, made coffee, and set up the camera to take a picture of us as we ran in the living room to see the gifts Santa brought us. It was torture every year while we waited impatiently at the top of the stairs for my father and my mother, who acted like Mrs.Butterworth taking their own sweet time. We tried to scoot our butts down one step at a time trying to get closer to the living room only to get busted and sent back to the top of the stairs. TORTURE! I barely took the time to wipe my a-- Christmas morning, because I was so excited to get down those stairs. I think my parents enjoyed having that power and making us wait. They had a smile on their faces the whole time as they went at a snail's pace.  I do the same thing to my kids now. Funny how things come full circle. 

I like to buy a lot of little cheaper stuff so it looks like a lot and then everyone gets one big expensive thing. Chris picked the go-carts because HE wanted them. You know how boys are with their toys. I thought it was cute the way they all rode around the house on them. Their smiles were priceless. I personally have been dying to take those go-carts on the high school track to race them. Is that even legal? It's almost worth getting into trouble to do it at least once. Try and catch me.

I enjoyed watching everyone else's Christmas.