Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her thoughts on the Ashley gift situation.

on Aug 3, 2011

I wanted to say that I'm very surprised that the Manzo boys plus @GreggyBennett haven't gotten their own show yet since their webisode series was so funny. I think the boys are hilarious! Perhaps maybe the BLK Beverage Boys & Bennett would be an even greater show. (Yes, that was a pitch.) I thought Albie was adorable with his smitten little boy face over Alexa Ray Joel. Can you blame him? She's adorable, self-reliant, and extremely talented. That girl can SING! Never mind who her beautiful, talented, famous parents are (although I love them too!) Alexa can hold her own in the spotlight. She's amazingly good. Check out her website at www.AlexaRayJoel.com