Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her thoughts on the Ashley gift situation.

on Aug 3, 2011

I know Teresa was very disappointed when her brother left to go to Kathy's on Christmas Eve. ( Melissa leaving? Well, maybe not so much.) In-laws are a package deal, so you've got to learn to deal with it. They are both trying. Naturally it's still going to feel a little awkward. They obviously still need to practice the wise old saying, "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it at all." Easier said than done sometimes when resentment is still lying dormant. 

Only Teresa would have Gucci dinnerware! I know she made a ton of food, but those dishes were just too pretty to eat on. I would have just wanted to sit there and admire them. 

I hope Teresa saw by watching the show that it was Kathy's intention to invite her to Christmas Eve also, but she just didn't get that far after her initial attempt by starting with, "It's really good to see you." (Times three.) The thought of the invite gesture abruptly ended there. I guess Kathy changed her mind and felt it wasn't so good to see Teresa after all. It happens. Mission invite failed.

I know Teresa usually has Christmas Eve at her house, but with all the feuding going on, family members made alternate plans. I hope Teresa saw that neither Kathy nor Melissa put any pressure on her brother to go spend Christmas Eve at Kathy's house. It was clearly her brother's decision to take those baby steps in repairing the relationship within his comfort zone. Joey decided to go to both parties and divide his time. They should keep the time spent together short and sweet for now. Keep it positive. Everyone gets credit here for making an effort. Can you imagine what their Christmas spread would be like next year if Teresa and Kathy were together? With Teresa cooking and Kathy baking, then add Melissa to the mix (she can even bring those pingoli cookies that are Teresa's favorite). It would be ridiculous! I feel pleasantly full just thinking about it! Just no mechanical bull, because that would not end well.