Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline sympathizes with Teresa and Melissa's situation and talks about all the Catskills craziness.

on Jun 27, 2011

Hello Bravo blog readers and people who love to comment! I appreciate your love and support! However, there are a few of you who are concerned with where my loyalty and friendship stand with Teresa. Don't be concerned! WE ARE GOOD! Although I am sure she will appreciate you're concern. 

Teresa of ALL people should understand the position I am in, because Teresa was in the exact same position at one point, between my sister-in-law and me. Teresa was friends with my sister-in-law many years before Teresa and I became friends through the introduction of my sister-in-law. (Much like how I was introduced to Melissa through Teresa). We all would hang out together. (Much like how my family now hangs out with Teresa and HER family). When my sister-in-law and I were feuding, Teresa chose not to take a side. She remained friends with both of us, because she never wanted to get in the middle of a family feud. She knows that families usually make up in the end. She listened as a friend to both of us and gave us her opinions and advice. I respected her for that. I would never have expected her to choose one side over the other. I don't believe my sister-in-law expected her to choose either. She was there for the both of us. If Teresa had chosen a side and decided to only be loyal to her first, long time friend (my sister-in-law), it would have only added more fuel to the fire, and it would have made it a lot harder for all involved to make up. Things would have been a lot more awkward between us all in the end. I appreciated Teresa's friendship. Would you call that playing both sides or trying to diffuse a bad situation? Would you say that her intentions were good or bad?