Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline sympathizes with Teresa and Melissa's situation and talks about all the Catskills craziness.

on Jun 27, 2011

Yay for Teresa and Melissa giving their relationship another shot despite their differences! Let's see where it goes from here. You have to start somewhere. Baby steps, girls! Baby steps are still a step in a positive direction. Fake it until you make it!

The Catskills trip was HILARIOUS! Best time I had all season! I wish you could have seen all of it. There were so many laughs you missed out on. I guess we can't show you everything in an hour. It was comedy. Parents gone wild weekend! We hardly ever get away from our kids. In fact that weekend was the longest time we have ever left our kids. I think parents deserve that once in a great while. I love my kids more than anything, but after that I feel like I could do it again! Yahoo!

Two things I have to clear up. First, there was a good time lapse between drinking and riding quads so not to worry. Second, the face I made when I was supposedly drinking Joe's wine was actually me sampling the sulfur water that they had in that house that stunk like rotten eggs. I bathed with bottled water and baby wipes while I was there, because I couldn't handle the smell of the water. I didn't care how good I was told it was for my skin. I like to smell pretty.

We really appreciated the warm welcome and hospitality of Teresa and her family. They opened up and shared their house and cooked food for all of us while we were there. We can't thank them enough. We had a great time! XOXO! I must also thank Duma, Teresa and Joe's brother-in-law, for advising me on how to make that delicious winning calzone! That man knows his pizza! I mentioned him in my acceptance speech, but you didn't get to hear that. Teresa also made a very fabulicious pizza! Let's call it a tie before Teresa ends up bashing me in her next cookbook by saying how you could put nutella on a sock and it would taste better than a pizza with any other toppings. (Which might actually be true… I LOVE Nutella.) Teresa won the dinner pizza and I won the dessert pizza.