Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline outlines why Melissa's party was destined for drama.

on Jul 20, 2011

15. Kim G.

16. Kathy, who hasn't spoke to Teresa since the "unattended" comment that set Teresa off only two weeks prior. She wants to be a good Christian tonight and tell Teresa it's good to see her three times just to be clear that it WAS actually good to see her before asking her if they could put the past behind them and move forward. Good luck with that, Kathy, and may God be with you. Cut to good Christian Kathy calling Teresa a "f-ing bitch." Classic! (She said "good Christian," she never claimed to be Jesus.) Now was it good to see her? I think she just took Kathy's olive branch and broke it over her knee. Ouch! That looked like it hurt. Too soon perhaps? Maybe just a little. Well, it was worth a shot anyway.

17. Kim G.

18. Rich, "chicken a-- Richie" as Joe Giudice calls him, the man who Teresa claims is a ball buster, the man who will stand by his wife when she's upset and go off on everyone else. He would even burn down the house for her if that would cheer her up. But he wasn't REALLY going to do that. (You have to get his sense of humor.)

19. Kim G.

20. The Manzos, who are "thick as thieves," annoyed at Kim G. for starting trouble.