Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her advice for Kim G.

on Jul 26, 2011

As I was saying in my last blog, "Don't let the door hit you're a-- on the way out!" Buh bye, Kim G.! That was Kim's last and final debut on our show. Is anyone going to miss her pretty little face and her devious shenanigans? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? OK, get back to me on that one. I know it was kind of a rough exit, but when you stir the pot when it’s hot, eventually you will get burned.  My advice to Kim -- put the spoon down and step away from the pot when it isn't yours to stir or someone may rip it out of your hands and beat you down with it. (I just love metaphors.) The moral of this story is... Mind your damn business!

Caroline told Kim the way it was! Lauren, Chris, and Albie had their mom's back in two seconds flat. Albert did too. Don't mess with momma bear OR her cubs! Mistake! BIG mistake! They are THICK AS THIEVES! As harsh as that may have looked, the Manzos were just trying to prevent a potential, even bigger, problem from happening as they saw Kim G. working her way around the room whispering sour nothings in people’s ears. 

My husband, usually the silent observer, sounded a little out of character when he said what he said about how Kim's exit should have been handled (smacked and thrown), but I think at that time he just felt that she intentionally caused a lot of unnecessary chaos to what could have been an enjoyable night. My husband can't stand unnecessary drama. He just didn’t understand why Kim came there with the intent to hurt, and he was angry about the ripple effect that her actions had caused. I personally found it a little rude that Kim didn't leave with her friend, Monica, who she came with to the party while she was being escorted out. Maybe Kim and her broomstick caught up to Monica on her journey home. (Just teasing.) 

I also wondered WHY the heck Kim chose to bring a bodyguard to "Jesus's 89th Birthday" party! She must have been expecting trouble. Who does that? (Well besides, you know who... the one with one canceled show and one new show with REALLY bad ratings that bragged our show would tank without her when, in fact, our ratings have never been higher....just sayin'. Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry, my delete button isn't working today.  Like Lauren said, "Sometimes you have to tell the bully where it's at.") Now back to my blog.