Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her advice for Kim G.

on Jul 26, 2011

I feel bad for Kathy's mom for missing out on so many years with her brother because of something that seemed so trivial. You could hear the pain in her voice just thinking about all that precious time that was lost because of foolish pride. People need to learn to understand each other, apologize genuinely, and to forgive. You gain nothing from having foolish pride. It doesn't make you a strong person to stand your ground, it makes you weak for not being able to face the issues and have the courage to work through it to find a solution. Little by little the bitterness and resentment sucks the life out of you. Forgiveness is healthier!

Milania almost busted Nona for being Santa this year. I found that funny how she suspected it was Nona and how much she seemed annoyed by it. CJ got a little suspicious this year too. He heard the jingling outside of Aunt Caroline’s house like he does every Christmas Eve, which tells us Santa is on his way, but this time he went outside and saw someone's hand under the deck shaking the bells. He almost cried. We just said we were impatient waiting for the real thing. What age is usual for kids to stop believing in Santa? I can't remember.

I loved the Manzo boys’ theory on Santa being a bum. It made total sense. He never shaves, he works one night out of the year, he forces elves to do all the dirty work for him, he breaks into other people's houses eating their cookies and milk and trying to commit adultery. I wonder what Mrs. Claus thinks about this. I find it abusive to force those poor reindeer to fly around the world in one night carrying such a heavy load, and come to think of it, I always see him in front of stores ringing his bell and begging for money. What a creep! I will be taking over the roll of Santa for my family from now on.

Caroline does an amazing job as a radio show host! I always look forward to hearing her radio show. It makes me realizes how many other people go through the same things that our family goes through. We are all human. I could not believe the overwhelmingly large amount of comments I received on Twitter and Facebook after that scene when Chris called in to Caroline to talk about Ashley. It really touched me to see how much that touched all of you and brought you to tears. I couldn't have asked for a better stepdad for Ashley than I've got. Ashley should realize how lucky she really is and be appreciative and grateful to have him in her life every day. Chris cares a lot about her well-being. I think Ashley is just too young to truly understand that right now. She will see it one day. I'm hoping by watching our show she will begin to see things from another perspective and a positive change will start to happen.