Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline looks back at the entire Punta Cana adventure.

on Oct 10, 2011

PUNTA CANA BABY! Like Melissa said, "Jersey has arrived!"

Let me first start out by saying whoever it was that shot that angle of me packing, I'd appreciate it if you could possibly find a new angle to shoot me from next time. Use half of a lens if you have to. Thanks.

Just so you know, I actually packed two bathing suits with absolutely no intention of wearing either one of them. I just wanted to show the girls how cute they were. Girls appreciate sharing that kind of thing with each other. It gives us a brief little moment of joy.

I have serious body image issues. I seriously don't like anyone, including myself, looking at my body. LOL! (Except for my husband, but I trick him with the lighting.) I did appreciate the fabulosity of Teresa and Melissa's bathing suits and admire their self confidence in modeling them. I know Teresa worked out hardcore before that trip with a mutual trainer of ours, www.JoleneMatthews.com, and it showed. Both Teresa and Melissa have amazing "after multiple pregnancy" bodies. Most people don't even look that good BEFORE their pregnancies. God blessed them! I didn't want to sit by EITHER of those girls in a bathing suit, and I was praying that they wouldn't ask me to. Of course my worst fear happened, and I was actually "sangwiched" in-between the both of them. Talk about feeling like the double stuffed cream in the middle of an Oreo. I know, I know...everybody loves the creamy middle. Whatever. I had no tan and I felt like a mush. Every year I tell myself that the following year will be different, because I will be so tone and fit by then. This time I mean it! I know I was lucky not to get stretch marks, but everything needs to get toned up. I think I also may have more skin than I need to have, so I'd eventually like to cut some of it off. Can't I donate it or something?

Enough with my insecurities. It's amazing to me that I could care less about judging or noticing or caring about other people's body flaws, but when it comes to my own...I analyze every inch of my whole body from my head to my toes. Hey, at least I have a good sense of humor about it all. I know how to laugh at myself.