Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr shares his thoughts on Kathy's hookah and Joey's drag performance.

on Jul 10, 2011

Over at Teresa’s house, Joe Giudice is using a Slap Chop. For real, go rewind that and watch it again. I was hoping after the Slap Chop that Joe would bust out some Crazy Glue and a Shake Weight to make dessert. Joe and Teresa have a home cooked, slap-chopped meal while sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. It all seemed very romantic.

Kathy is dressed as Diane Keaton again as she and Richie go looking for a restaurant to buy. Kathy can picture it all working out at one location. She said, “I picture the bar, the belly dancers, a few tokes on the…um…hookah.” Sure, Kathy, the hookah, yeah that’s the ticket. After watching Kathy’s excitement about smoking out of a hookah, her Halloween costume now makes sense to me.

Say what you want about Joey Gorga but the guy can build. In just a short amount of time he has the bones of what will be the recording studio in the basement. I noticed that there isn’t a SOUL DIGGAZ to be found. One structural flaw I noticed with the studio is that the actual recording booth is about the size of an empty roll of paper towels. Melissa sees it and says what may be one of my favorite sentences of the season -- “Is this my box?” Who hasn’t wondered that, ladies, am I right? No? OK then, let’s move on. Melissa stands inside and explains to Joey that it’s too small and she is going to need a bigger box. What lady hasn’t wanted a bigger box, right? Wait a minute, that’s completely wrong. Sorry. Regarding the tiny recording booth. If Verne Troyer was going to record a Christmas album, this tiny booth would be perfect. Since Verne Troyer isn’t on RHONJ, it will just be Melissa standing in that tiny booth, fifteen hours a day, being raised like veal.