Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr shares his thoughts on Kathy's hookah and Joey's drag performance.

on Jul 10, 2011

Over at Albie, Christopher, and Greg’s apartment, Lauren is obsessed with not spending enough time with her brothers. The problem is she keeps complaining about not spending time with her brothers WHILE SPENDING TIME WITH HER BROTHERS. Stuff like this drives me nuts. It’s like when you go back to your hometown after being on television and the old waitress say’, “Oh, look who can’t be bothered to come in and see us anymore!” I always want to yell, “I’m here now!” And then steal her nametag and rob a blood bank.

In these scenes, Lauren is acting so much like Ashley that she doesn’t even notice that she IS spending quality time with her brothers. I know she is, because I am watching it with my eyeballs.

Somewhere in bizarre land, Jacqueline goes to Kim G.’s house. It is very, very spooky. Somehow, Kim G. is now forty. Also, I have never seen extensions in a bob haircut before, but Kim G. pulls it off. Kim G. tries to stir the doo-doo and begins to read some gossipy email aloud to Jacqueline. Jacqueline tells Kim G. that whoever sent that email can eff off and then tells Kim G. to eff off…twice. I have to say, in this episode Jacqueline looks and acts great. I thought she was adorable in her Christmas snuggle clothes, and I love that she is launching eff bombs at Kim G. while in Kim G.’s house. It’s like watching an athlete play well in an away game. The new, improved, bionic Kim G. 2.0 begins laughing like a smiling, twisted demon. Then she quickly turns thirty-nine.