Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr shares his thoughts on Kathy's hookah and Joey's drag performance.

on Jul 10, 2011

The Christmas party at Jacqueline’s is in full swing. Every one that is anyone is there, well, except for Richie and Kathy. I’m not sure why they weren’t invited. Maybe they were invited but had a few too many tokes from the “hookah” to make it on time. As the rest of the gang are sipping red wine and eating holiday cookies, I picture Kathy and Richie hanging out at home laying in a Star Wars sleeping bag listening to Led Zeppelin under a black light and putting glow sticks in Richie’s glasses. Remember at the beginning of the episode, Jacqueline said the party could either be beautiful or a disaster. Well, it’s beautiful. Everyone is getting along inside the Laurita house. Fun is being had by all except for Lauren, who is no doubt pouting because she is with both of her brothers and thinks she doesn’t spend enough time with them.

Christopher Manzo begins taking pictures of Joey Gorga and asks him to do a few poses. First he asks for something sensual. Joey Gorga responds by unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his own nipples. I love it. Then he does other emotions like surprised and angry. During angry he fake flips the table. It is at this moment that the viewer realizes that he and Teresa are going to be fine. Joey is one of the gang here and he is deliriously happy. Melissa is making the rounds with a big smile on her face. The evening couldn’t be going any better. Until Joey Gorga puts on Jacqueline’s clothing. I should stop here and assure you he didn’t kill her and steal her clothes as a disguise. What I meant was the Manzo boys dare Joey Gorga to switch clothing with Jacqueline. Joey jumps at the chance to dress in drag, and when he comes out of his changing room the party hits a new high. Jacqueline has the line of the episode when she says, “You look like you need a trapeze!” Indeed. Not only is Joey Gorga not uncomfortable in Jacqueline’s clothing, for the first time all season he seems completely free! He looks like he should be running through a field promoting Massengil telling us how he feels fresh and confident. Joey Gorga is the life of the party. It’s sad to think that Teresa could have avoided all of the drama with Joey simply by letting him try on one of her blouses.