Jay Mohr

Jay thinks he may have stepped into RHONJ bizarro world.

on Aug 7, 2011

Ashley is at the bar begging Chris to give her a shot. I immediately imagined Season 4. All of the Manzos are working at Verona Carwash on Bloomfield Avenue, because Ashley made them lose their liquor license.
Teresa is really not happy at this party, and it’s too bad because she looks beautiful. Melissa explains to Teresa that Kathy is her blood. Teresa then says that Kathy left a bad taste in her mouth. Is Teresa a vampire? That would explain why she couldn’t show up at Melissa’s until after dark. Something strange is happening. I have spent an entire episode agreeing with Melissa. Teresa is holding some serious grudges. It reminded me of a great expression Buddy Hackett once shared with me, “Never hold a grudge. While you’re holding a grudge, the other guy is out dancing.” As Teresa rants and raves, Kathy and Richie are literally out dancing. The most powerful image of the episode and maybe of the season is when the clock struck midnight, Milania and Antonia hugged. Oblivious to the petty feuds and bickering and backbiting that is happening between their parents. When the clock reached zero, their natural instinct was to simply hold each other.
Kathy continues to make an effort to be nice to Teresa. Teresa continues to be stand off-ish to everyone that crosses her path, and Richie is in the parking lot getting something wiped off his face. In the course of a couple of months everyone has switched personalities.  Even Caroline explains to us that talking to Teresa is like talking to a brick wall. How did this happen. Wasn’t Melissa the one we were supposed to dislike? How has everything shifted over to the Gorgas side in a few short weeks? This is some crazy ass drama going down. It’s 2011 and Teresa is mad at the world. She should realize that everyone around her is loving life, and if she doesn’t stop and smell the roses they are all going to drive right by her in their IROC’s. At least be nice to Mellissa, she has come a long way since her early days as a Pomeranian. Follow me on Twitter @jaymohr37. That free podcast of mine is HERE.