Jay Mohr

Episode 13: Jay thinks L.A. might be the perfect place for Ashley.

on Aug 14, 2011

As Ashley continues to talk to the rest of the table, we see Jacqueline sitting by herself somewhere in the restaurant crying her eyes out. It’s terrible to see. Since I have been watching, she has been a caring mom at worst. An incredible mom at best. Asking your child questions like, “Have you thought about school?” and “Any luck finding a job?” is par for the course and shouldn’t be met with angry words or defensive tears. Jacqueline looks up at Chris and says, “I’m done.” Chris responds simply, “I’m done too.” We all are. It’s draining to watch Ashley behave this way week after week. It has gotten very, very old. Ashley says she is going to move to Los Angeles. This is a perfect move for her and her parents. Los Angeles may be the only lady that cares about things less than Ashley. Day after day, the ocean, the mountains, and the palm trees shrug their shoulders at the hundreds of starlets that step off of the airplanes to start over. Every day, girls with hundreds of hours of acting experience and thousands of pages of manuscripts come to Los Angeles to make a name for themselves. Ashley is just bringing Ashley. Los Angeles, like Ashley, simply won’t care.

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