Jay Mohr

Episode 17: Jay explains how a guy packs for a trip and proclaims his love for Greg.

on Sep 19, 2011

Every time a Real Housewives cast goes on vacation, it ends in disaster. Here's hoping that the Jersey Girls keep the streak alive.

The show opens with Joey Gorga and his singer/songwriter/entertainer/recording artist/honorary Souldigga wife, Melissa Gorga, getting ready for the trip to Punta Cana. Joey Gorga loves the smell of fresh laundry. You can tell because he keeps picking up singer/songwriter/entertainer/recording artist Melissa's bikini bottoms and smelling them. I can't blame him. Personally I love the smell of Downey combined with Dreft. There is nothing like that fresh laundry smell. It was sweet to see the kids and his mother-in-law in the room with him to watch him enjoy that fresh laundry smell. 

Even though the trip is only going to be four days, Teresa is filling a suitcase with more bikinis than you see at The Miss America pageant (which by the way is hosted by a very handsome up and comer named Andy Cohen). As Teresa packs, Gia has squeezed herself into one of the suitcases. Milania instantly starts jumping up and down on it in an attempt to crush Gia's bones. I guess she didn't like her song last week. I think baby Audriana has a new single dropping soon too, because Milania gets in the crib with her and puts her in an armbar and body slams her. This may very well be the world's strongest family. Teresa keeps asking Joe Giudice if, "We're gonna have a good time together." Joe's answers are super evasive and vague. I get the feeling that Joe is thinking that fourteen people are going to Punta Cana, but only thirteen are coming back.