Jay Mohr

Episode 17: Jay explains how a guy packs for a trip and proclaims his love for Greg.

on Sep 19, 2011

Teresa is completely out of line here, because she keeps saying how the baby was not left unattended at the christening. The Bravo producers agree with me because they keep showing a flashback of the baby alone in her stroller at the christening.  It is a strange thing for Teresa to hold such a grudge about. You would think that at some point Teresa would realize that we are all watching footage of her baby alone and unattended at the christening and let it go. Not the case. Teresa tries to obliterate Kathy on this subject. 

In her interview, Kathy says that for once in her life she isn't going to let it go and for once she is going to fight back. Right when I get all excited to see a fight between two women where one is wearing a hat, Kathy lets it go. She does this with the help of Joe Giudice who keeps telling Teresa to, "SHUT UP!" Finally, Teresa and Joe walk away. singer/songwriter/souldigga Melissa and Joe are somehow not in this fight. It's too bad, because they are both wearing bandanas now.  We have learned from Greg that a fight between two women where one woman is wearing a big floppy fight is a good fight. Then a fight with three women where one woman has a hat on and another is wearing a ridiculous bandana would constitute the Normandy invasion. Maybe next week we can get all women with all different head wear involved. Fingers crossed. Word to the Gia.