Jay Mohr

Episode 19: Jay Mohr thinks Teresa just cookbooked herself out of the circle.

on Oct 10, 2011

The episode opens at Melissa's house, where she is putting together outfits with her stylist. The stylist must be very good at her job, because she has convinced Melissa to walk around her house in leather pants with corsets in the back. Melissa is also wearing Barbara Eden's top from her I Dream of Jeannie days. I don't think it fits her, because during the scene she plays with her boobs constantly. Let's get back to Melissa's leather corset pants. She's like New Jersey's Scarlett O'Hara. I like to imagine Hattie McDaniel pulling her into them and Melissa yelling, "Tighter! Tighter! Ashley Wilkes is coming over!" Melissa also says that she's scared that her boob might pop out. Um, Melissa, there's a new product on the market and it's called a bra.

The phone rings and it's Teresa. Melissa and Teresa both have bedazzled phones, and as it turns out, they also have the same stylist. This becomes a bit of controversy, because the stylist tells Melissa that Teresa has forbidden her from working with Melissa. It seems that working with Melissa and Teresa at the same time would be the world's easiest stylist job. They essentially dress the same. No matter what the occasion or how much prep time they are given, they both always leave the house dressed like a gypsy. A fun Clubhouse game would be to match the face to the outfits.

Editor's Note: Speaking of Clubhouse fun, enjoy Melissa's new music video: