Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr offers a comedian's take on Episode 3.

on May 30, 2011

Joe makes Melissa read the letter to him. (I cannot keep poking fun at Joe Gorga. Someone else has to step up and take some of the heat off this guy). Am I the only one who notices that the longer the season goes on the more Melissa is looking like one of the Mowry twins?

After reading the letter to Joe, Melissa does the unthinkable -- she becomes the voice of reason. She implores her husband to go speak with his sister. Suddenly Melissa is acting nice, Teresa is acting crazy, Joe Gorga is filled with poisonous cumin, and I am completely confused. Episode 4 cannot come soon enough! That’s how I saw it. Give me your comments below and on Twitter @jaymohr37. Until next week, don’t forget to watch what happens.