Jay Mohr

Episode 18: Jay Mohr thinks the Teresa/Melissa rivalry has reached Nomi Malone/Cristal Connors levels.

on Oct 2, 2011

Melissa shares with us in her interview that she is a little annoyed at Joey. She says she wishes he could just give her five minutes to wash her armpits. Five minutes? Did she smuggle Dominican stew back to the condo under her arms? Most human beings can wash their entire bodies in five minutes. Looking back, I do remember one episode where Joey was licking Melissa's armpits, so maybe she has to keep them super shiny in case someone breaks out a hookah.

A little later the boys all venture out to play a round of golf. During his opening drive, Joey Gorga pulls his pants down. This is now three weeks in a row where he has either put his balls on someone's neck or showed his butt crack. Joey should just go ahead and get a tramp stamp that says, "Look here!" with big arrows pointing down towards his whale eye.

Joe Giudice hits next and he is dressed like he is playing at the Tiffany Diner Pinebrook Invitational. Juicy Joe misses his first two shots completely. Maybe somewhere in the Dominican Republic there is a gymnastics studio. The studio could lay out some tumbling mats and Joe could miss them too.

As the boys golf, the girls are going out shopping. In this scene I realized that all year long, Melissa has been reminding me of Fran Drescher in The Nanny (except Fran Drescher is a better singer). There is a mix up in this scene worthy of a Three's Company re-run when Kathy and Melissa think they're shopping for clothes, but Teresa is shopping for food. Teresa then explains that she is going to do some research for her next fusion Italian/Italian cookbook. It's a smart move by Teresa. In a foreign country who knows what ingredientzes they are using. She already wrote Skinny Italian, now she can get to work on Skinny Dominican.