Jay Mohr

Episode 15: Jay Mohr isn't too sure what was in those hookahs.

on Aug 29, 2011

The Manzos, Lauritas, and Gorgas drop by the club to help Richie celebrate. There are a lot of hookas in this place, so hopefully we will be seeing "Earthy" Kathy before the cake comes out. Kathy seems to be a girl who likes her hippie lettuce. I don't know what was loaded into those hookas, but two minutes in and everyone at the table is acting like they're in the parking lot of a Phish concert. Kathy is sucking on Richie's tongue, Jacqueline takes a nap in Chris' lap, and Joey Gorga decides he needs to smell Melissa's armpits. These people are tripping balls. Security should hand out popsicles and put on the White Album. 

Joey Gorga decides to walk out onto the dance floor and get down with the belly dancers. He doesn't really belly dance though, but at one point I am pretty sure I saw him doing the running man. Jacqueline, Melissa, and Richie all join Joey out on the dance floor. Everyone is having a blast. Am I the only one that noticed that Melissa dances like she's missing bones? If she is going to open for Britney Spears with 'On Display' she better get that all tightened up. You don't want to dance onstage at state farms if you have the rhythm of a furnace. It seems that the New Jersey crew always has fun as long as someone is missing. When everyone went up to the woods and the Gorgas stayed behind, they were all happy. Tonight at Richie's party the Giudices aren't there, and they are all happy. Maybe they are mostly happy because they have smoked enough hash to bring down a small horse.

My solution for RHONJ is to just roll with a smaller crew. Stop trying to jam all four families together. Sister Sledge those parties and just go out with the three of you.

At Jacqueline's house, Jacqueline and Teresa are sharing with each other what they are going to wear to the opening of Lauren's spa. Jacqueline is going to wear a sensible black dress. Teresa is going to show up dressed as Grimace from McDonalds. The girls eat assorted meats and cheeses as they discuss Ashley. On a side note, if you're going to eat a lot of salami and cheese with your fingers, maybe don't play with your hair so much. It seems that could make everything get a bit greasy.