Jay Mohr

Episode 15: Jay Mohr isn't too sure what was in those hookahs.

on Aug 29, 2011

Teresa comes home from her book signing and Joe Giudice is hammered. He can barely stand or talk, and he keeps asking Teresa if she wants to eat with her coat on or off. (Hopefully off, because if she spills something on it, she might throw it away.) Since Teresa has been at the book signing, Joe has drank enough booze to blind Keith Richards. Gia and a friend are practicing gymnastics in the hallway. Joe Giudice gets real loud and scary and screams at them to get out of the way. He says, "I'm an expert at this!" He then does sort of a sideways somersault and smashes his face on the tile floor. He chips one of his teeth out and bleeds all over his shirt. This is why RHONJ is better than any of the other cities. What other show would give you Joe Giudice doing the splits and knocking out his own teeth in just eight weeks?!

I felt very bad for Teresa when in front of a lot of company, Joe yells at her to shut up. It was scary but also very embarrassing. On RHONJ it seems everyone gets angry when people act appropriately. If you say hello or congratulations to someone you might get knocked out. Teresa asked her brother to go to her book signing. Her brother went to her book signing, Joe Giudice thinks, "How dare he go to your book signing!" Joe Giudice goes on to say, "As drunk as I am, I would never start a fight." Except for when you tell your wife to shut up on national television right? The texts eventually get read. Someone else has to read them because Joe is seeing double.  Even though he claimed he never responded to any of Joe's texts, Joey Gorga DID return fire and called Joe Giudice a stupid ass. Joe Giudice's response to this is where everything for me veers off into crazy land. Joe Giudice wrote, "Watch who you call a stupid ass before I put your jaw on one of those metal cages." I think Joe Giudice is secretly writing 'Saw VII.'

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