Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is fairly certain the Manzos will soon take over all of New Jersey.

on Jul 24, 2011

Episode 10 starts out in mid-Christmas party at the Gorga’s house. The party is a smashing success judging by the amount of tables and chairs that have not been thrown, broken, or used to harm others. Joey Gorga is in the middle of the dance floor yelling at several women, “I want all of ya!” and they wisely oblige. The women quickly make a Gorga sandwich, hold the poison…hopefully.

I must admit that after all of the fighting that has been going on I did not think I would enjoy watching every one getting along. This could really work, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey with No Villain.” As I think that, Kim G. shows up to the party ready to stir the pot. Kim G. has had so much work done that she suddenly looks like a cross between Heather Locklear and the Crypt Keeper.  Before letting her into the party they should have checked her for gills because to me she looks like an extra from Sponge Bob.

As every one enjoys the night Teresa says, “Tonight was like old times,” meaning her and Melissa were both A cups with Bon Jovi hair.  As the Giudices and the Gorgas truly enjoy one another, Kim G. decides to take a dump in the punch bowel. Momma Manzo didn’t raise no punks (despite what Danny said) and Lauren Manzo has had enough of Kim G.’s poison (different than Joey’s poison, but still poison). Lauren looks like she is about to knock Kim G. to the ground when finally she drops a “shut your face” bomb on top of her.