Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is fairly certain the Manzos will soon take over all of New Jersey.

on Jul 24, 2011

Kim G. makes a fatal battle mistake here. She asks, “What did you say?” The Manzos are th-th-th-thick as thieves. As soon as Kim G. steps to Lauren the entire Manzo crew is mounted up and ready for war. Caroline turns to Kim G. and begins to dress her down in front of EVERYBODY. It gets so brutal that Caroline should have painted her face blue like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Always the good captain, Caroline knows when to let he lieutenants do her light work and in step Albie and Christopher. This begins what I will call “The Manzo Bouncer Service,” because Kim G. gets bounced like a bad check. I’m not even sure how she got to the Gorga’s front door, because it was an elaborate combination of hand-offs and secret handshakes between the entire Manzo crew. Before she can say, “My face is falling a little to the left,” Kim G. is outside the house.

What made Kim G.’s removal more impressive was that it happened in front of her own bodyguard! Which begs the question, why does Kim G. need a bodyguard? Is she afraid the SOULDIGGAZ are going to show up and demand her demo tapes from when she was in the Maguire Sisters? Regardless, her bodyguard is there and he must be the worst bodyguard of all time. Aside from looking like James Caan after a stroke, he allows the Manzo crew to diss his homegirl right there in front of everybody. After a quick nap, the bodyguard realizes he is on camera and should do something to maybe, you know, save his reputation as a body guard; he yells to Al Sr., “Tell your goon to relax!” OH SNAP! A goon is a goon is a goon, and the Manzos ain’t goons. Those were fighting words if I’ve ever heard them.