Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is fairly certain the Manzos will soon take over all of New Jersey.

on Jul 24, 2011

The rest of the argument played out in my mind like an episode of Scooby Doo. Once Kim G. was outside and speaking with Christopher, I thought Al Sr. was going to come up behind her and peel off her Kim G. mask to reveal that it was actually Danielle in disguise. Christopher is trying in vain to have a conversation with Kim G. like she isn’t a crazy person. The Manzo family, realizing he will blow out a hamstring if he keeps working this hard, pulls him away. Kim G. starts whining like an actual child and at one point Al Sr. tells her to get lost and says, “She’s a clown!” Damn! HARDCORE. The Manzos are a well oiled machine. I want to see Ocean’s 14 with just the Manzo family trying to keep acid washed Danny and his bug eyed quiet friend from stealing radar equipment off of the U.S.S. Ling (too inside?). 

Melissa and Joey G. are acting very nicely this episode. Melissa says in her interview that she admired how the Manzo boys stood up for their mother and she hopes in the future her boys will do the same. Melissa brings up a great point though -- Why are the Manzos throwing people out of someone else’s house party? Because they’re GANGSTERS that’s why! I didn’t even realize it until Melissa said it. How bad-ass is that? Imagine going to someone else’s party and you just start tossing people out that you don’t like. Amazing! This is Suge Knight territory the Manzos are in now. I want more of this. The Manzos are ready to make a serious move at this point. In a matter of days they will take Sussex and Morris County, and brace yourself if you live in Ocean County, because your asses are next. There will be blood (or at least great marinara).
At Caroline’s radio show she gets a little nervous because there is a new engineer and he looks like Carmine from Laverne and Shirley. She needn’t worry. What could possibly go wrong with “The Big Ragu” working the board? Like great friends, Jacqueline and Chris are sitting at home listening to the radio show. Jacqueline’s dog, Santino, thinks the show stinks and he sleeps through it. I thought Santino was being really rude. I’m not even mentioning how dangerous and disrespectful a move this is considering the Manzos are about to go to war with all of New Jersey. Santino is going to spend the rest of his life bringing Al Sr. his espresso like Eric Roberts serving Burt Young at the end of Pope of Greenwhich Village.