Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is fairly certain the Manzos will soon take over all of New Jersey.

on Jul 24, 2011

As the episode ends, Joey Gorga and Melissa are being sweet and loving to G to the ia. Across the room, Joe Giudice is muttering under his breath that, “They’re freaking animals,” and, “She looks like a freaking raccoon,” and, “She’s a freakin’ witch!’ Slow it down, big poppa. Joey and Teresa are finally getting the band back together and you are starting to act like Melissa. (Don’t kick me.)

This is my blog for the week. Caroline Manzo told me that whatever I wrote to tell all of you that she says, “Ditto!” So there you have it. I am one step closer to being a soldier for the Manzo Empire.

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