Jay Mohr

Episode 16: Jay Mohr is ready for the Joes to duel, as he applauds Gia.

on Sep 12, 2011

Caroline and Jaqueline are driving and talking about an upcoming 5K race. Caroline plans on jogging through the race. Jaqueline plans on walking the course with her butt cheeks squeezed together. Is Jaqueline planning ahead to have the runs? Someone be sure to line the roads that morning with porta-potties. Later, Teresa is at Jaqueline’s house explaining the battle of the Joes. Did anyone else notice that last episode, after Teresa autographed a book for her brother, Joey made her read it to him? This is the second or third time Joey Gorga has made someone read to him. He is either illiterate or a pimp. Teresa calls Melissa to try and make nice. Teresa’s cell phone looks like a piece of coral with diamonds glued to it. How does she fit this thing in her pocket? It looks like a brick from Elton John’s house. Melissa’s voice on speaker phone is somehow worse than her voice while singing. On speaker phone Melissa sounds like a cross between a Vietnamese lady and one of Charlie Brown’s teachers. Teresa tells Melissa that they both need to talk to their Joes and Melissa snaps like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee. Melissa talks so loudly and long and shrilly without a break it sounds like she is calling a horse race.

It’s 6:30 a.m. at Kathy and Richie’s house and somehow Richie has woken up with a fully moussed head of hair. Kathy says that the 5K run is for people with disabilities. For Joey Gorga this is probably for the hatless.