Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr offers a comedian's take on Episode 2.

on May 23, 2011

The day of the fashion show arrives, and tensions are running higher than the waistband of Danny's acid washed jeans. Melissa is wondering how Teresa is going to handle being in the same room as her. She wonders if Teresa is even going to acknowledge that there was an "explosive christening." This is the first time anyone has ever heard the expression "explosive christening." Jaqueline says that evertime Teresa says hello or congratulations, the sh-- hits the fan. Wow, I wonder what would happen if Teresa moved on to please and thank you?

During the fashion show The Brownstone looks incredible. It looks like there are about a thousand people sitting comfortably waiting to watch the show. Melissa comes out and does a really good walk. Her sisters start screaming and yelling like they're at a Selena concert. Teresa walks and looks a little uncomfortable with the entire affair. Maybe it's because if she compliments anyone, a fight will break out.

When the show is over, Kathy decides to speak with Teresa backstage about her version of what happened at the explosive christening. Kathy accuses Teresa of abandoning her children during the fight. Teresa snaps like a twig and yells, "Do not even go there!" Caroline steps in and tells them all to basically take it outside. I love it. She says, "Kill each other in your own homes, not here!" As I'm watching the potential fight start, I can't help but wonder why Kathy is wearing a pelt. Knowing Kathy I bet she trapped that vest in her own yard and skinned it herself. 'Atta girl!

Good episode. Remember, there are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth. In Housewives land there is only one side -- everybody's. This is my side, and that's how I saw it. Give me your feedback on Twitter @jaymohr37, and until next week, don't forget to watch what happens!