Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks attending Teresa's book signing was a step in the right direction for everyone.

on Sep 10, 2011

As New Jersey was one of the states hardest hit by Hurricane Irene, I want to start off my saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been so adversely affected. In my area of Northern N.J. so many neighborhoods have been so severely flooded that the clean-up seems almost insurmountable. Please, everyone, just know there is help out there and there are those of us who do care. In my town, as in most others, there are disaster relief centers set up and everyone should try to take advantage of the help that is being provided.

As I am writing this week and looking back at this episode, I find myself becoming a little philosophical about the events taking place. Overall, I am feeling hope and positive energy.  Very personal and emotional family situations often cloud our ability to see, think, and speak in ways that we would like. Tempers and anger can get the best of us, and we may have a slip of the tongue that we may not be proud of.  Often, our words just come out without even thinking about what the consequences are of what we have said.  It is at these times that I have found that you can depend on having your actions speaking louder than words, and we should lead by example. I feel that going to an event to support your family members when something great is happening for them is the most important thing. It rises above the spoken word. Often we may say something we don’t mean, and you may wish to take back your words, but when you back it up with your actions, you show people that you love them and that your heart is in the right place and you don’t even need the words.

When Teresa called Joey, she was giving him what he was looking for, just a simple invitation. It was clear that it meant so much to him to be asked to come to the book signing, and he backed it up by his actions and of course he was there. That is a great start in the right direction for the two of them to be answering each other with what they were looking for. It felt as if they asked and they received, and it set up a communication start between them that speaks volumes.