Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks attending Teresa's book signing was a step in the right direction for everyone.

on Sep 10, 2011

Speaking of Rich, how did you like his birthday party at Aladdin? It was such a wonderful night for us. The girls got a chance to embrace a different culture, and it was so gratifying to see everyone having a great time with such open minded enthusiasm. I loved that everyone got up on the dance floor and had fun. For those who had questions about the hookah, you must know that this is not “weed”!  It’s a very mild, sweet, fruity tobacco mixture that can make non-smokers a little light headed on occasion. Also, everyone gets their own plastic tip to have for the evening, so there is no sharing.  Rich and I were just so happy to be able to enjoy these playful moments with our family and friends.

The launch of Lauren’s make-up and beauty bar was terrific to see. She’s very talented. I wish her the best, wherever this takes her. Her future looks great. I was happy to witness Lauren and Ashley working together on the beautiful t-shirt Ashley designed. Family working together is a remarkable thing to see. I am lucky to have snagged one of these shirts myself.

It was over the meadow and through the woods to grandma’s craft room we go for Albie and Chris. Who would have thought that grandma’s house would be the home of their new business venture? Family working with family defines these boys, and they have a balance of talent and personality, and with Uncle Chris’ guiding star, it is on its way. It is so ironic that they have come full circle. I wish them the best. I can’t wait to see what happens.

As for the rest of this episode, I don’t feel a need to comment. Some of this is a little disturbing to me, but the scenes speak for themselves, and there is nothing that I can add to give you any inside information as to what my thoughts are.