Kathy Wakile

Kathy comments on her beach battle with Teresa.

on Sep 20, 2011

As this episode starts out I sit here looking at the snow on the ground and I don't look forward to it at all. I am reminded that the colder weather is around the corner. I am happy that this episode takes us to a warmer place. I just want to enjoy the sun and the beach and the Caribbean and the wonderful Dominican people.  I want to thank them for being so kind, warm, and welcoming to us.

It is such fun to watch the children stuffing themselves into mom and dad's suitcases. It's a riot to see what kids will do next. They find such interesting places to hide and play in. It's just adorable to see.

Packing is such a big chore. Unpacking is even worse. I try to do it when I am excited to be getting away, and I try to be so thorough, wrapping in tissue paper and being so neat. I think I inherited this from my mom. She came to help and you can see how great she is at being so neat and perfect with what she does. I hope that's not the only thing I inherit from her. She has such a positive attitude and I love having our little chats. She always encourages me to take the high road and try to be the best that I can be. I am so lucky to have her in my life. She's one of a kind.