Kathy Wakile

Kathy comments on her beach battle with Teresa.

on Sep 20, 2011

So we get to Punta Cana and I'm thinking luscious palm trees and balmy breezes, and it's funny to hear the Manzo boys refer to the setting as Jurassic Park. It's a big laugh for us, because they are always saying how much my husband looks like Jeff Goldblum in case you missed that joke. So the joke about Jurassic Park and Rich being comfortable there was a hoot.

On our trip over to the hotel it was clear that boys will be boys. You can take the boys out of Jersey but can't take Jersey out of the boys. We have arrived, as Melissa so perfectly put it, and if they have to go, they have to go. They never grow out of that need to be free, and as men grow up they don't seem to grow out of that little boy quality.

Our villas were amazing! They were so beautiful. When we reached the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, it was just gorgeous. Our host there, Dale Hipsh, was so accommodating and took such good care of us, making sure our stay there was perfect. I was very impressed with the hotel and the grounds and it was a really great stay.