Kathy Wakile

Kathy comments on her beach battle with Teresa.

on Sep 20, 2011

We were having a great day. The boat was beautiful and everyone enjoyed some sun and downed a few drinks playing La Cucaracha . I was excited to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach enjoying the sunset, a bonfire, and the traditional Dominican stew prepared by the locals. 

Just when I think everything is going well, we're just having a normal conversation, here we go again. I can't believe that we're going over this again! First of all, I'm talking about ME, MY kids and MY feelings. It has nothing to do with you, Teresa. What happened to moving forward, not rehashing the past, and staying positive? Why do you insist on pointing fingers about something that happened six months ago? Stop beating a dead horse, clearly this is something that isn't over for you, so let's just talk it out, once and for all.