Kathy Wakile

Kathy clears up some questions from Part I and explains some of her comments from this season.

on Oct 19, 2011

Fact: I have had a lifelong relationship with Teresa, and I know her very well. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes that the cameras are not catching and the viewers don't know about.
Fact:  I was crucified ALL season by Teresa for trying to reconcile my cousins just as Jacqueline and Caroline did. Teresa humiliated and embarrassed me that night, and at that point I was angry. How dare she? This set the tone for the whole season. I continued to try to put things behind us. Teresa made that impossible by clearly indicating that she was not willing to forgive me. This was very upsetting to me, because it didn't have to go that way. I couldn't figure out why she would act this way towards me.

Fact: I was always a friend as well as Teresa's cousin. I always tried to see her side of things. Whenever I would disagree and try to make her understand a different point of view, things didn't go so well. I continued to stick up for her and see the best in her. Unfortunately after time passed, I began to see what everyone else was talking about, and I could no longer come to her defense and maintain my own integrity. I started hearing so many things that Teresa and Joe were saying behind my back about me and my husband.

Fact: Richie and I tried many times to settle these issues before we signed on to do the show.