Kathy Wakile

Kathy feels for Chris and Caroline and hopes everyone can learn something from her mother's story.

on Jul 26, 2011

At this point in the evening I just wanted to put things behind me and try to salvage the night. Once again, Rich is making crazy, outrageous comments to get me to laugh and change my mood. By the way, whoever takes his comments seriously just doesn't get his sense of humor. You don't have to, but I get it. He's being absurd to make me crack a smile. It's the same comedic timing that has helped us get through some of the worst circumstances in our twenty years together. His sense of humor is one of the many things I fell in love with. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I am beyond lucky to have a husband that knows what I need before I even do.

Speaking of laughter and clowns, Albert's description of Kim G. has to be the best yet. As I was saying to my other girlfriend, Kim, at the party (I know there's just as many Kims as there are Joes in our circle) I'm curious why she needed to point out that she was drinking champagne out of the wrong type of glass. Who cares, and if it bothers you that much, don't drink it. I was trying to be cordial to her over that last few occasions we were in one another's company. Now she's trying to get me sucked in to her little game. It very clear she was stirring up drama in this lengthy war with Teresa over a few comments made over two years ago. Boy, both of them can sure hold a grudge. At this point I was already frustrated with the evening and as soon as the conversation went to an ugly place, I made my exit. I didn't stand around to wait for the Teresa bashing to start. I've had enough drama for one night.

What happened next I wasn't even fully aware of until I watched all as you did. Albert and Caroline, kudos to you both. Talk about doing the right thing, these kids really stepped up. However, I have to give my most heartfelt compliments to Christopher. He handled Kim G. with such respect. To be quite honest, it was more than she deserved. He conducted himself like a gentleman and kept the respect for his best friend John in mind during the whole incident. Despite the fact that Kim wasn't conducting herself like the lady she claims to be and wasn't in the least bit worried about her son, John, and what he would be feeling when he heard about her behavior. My heart broke for Christopher when he was sitting and telling his family how he felt. You can clearly see that Caroline was hurting too. Even though I'm sure she was proud of him, you always hurt when your kids are hurting, no matter how old they are.