Kathy Wakile

Kathy feels for Chris and Caroline and hopes everyone can learn something from her mother's story.

on Jul 26, 2011

This story has a happy ending. During our visit to my uncle's house it was clear that he too missed his only family here in America. Like my parents he was ready to put this silly disagreement behind them. A few days after Christmas, my parents made a visit to my aunt and uncle's home and we all celebrated Teresa and Joey's parents' wedding anniversary.

The phone call that Chris Laurita made to Caroline's radio show was really moving. It shows how much Chris wants the very best for Ashley. Caroline was clearly moved. I don't know how she didn't just fall apart from the sound of her brother's voice. I don't know too much about Chris, but after watching this I can see that behind those baby blues there's a man that only wants the best for his daughter, biological or not. Ashley, I know you love him too. Now, about that New Year's Resolution, how's it working out? 

I can't finish this blog without thanking Melissa. I'm so glad she was able to answer the question that's always been on my mind too. Jesus is 89 years old. How cute was Antonia's face when Melissa told her that? Melissa cracks me up, where does she come up with this stuff? Gino, Gino... a chip off the old block. What a little cutie pie, flexing his muscles already. I love those kids. 

I want to close this blog by not being in the least bit modest. I am going to have to agree with Andy Cohen, Jersey has the most beautiful kids! What a gorgeous bunch. We have every age group represented and each and every one is more beautiful than words! Kids at Christmas! What a special time, memories that last a lifetime. We have so much to learn from our children. They possess the unconditional love that we adults sometimes lose site of.