Kathy Wakile

Kathy loves that Richie has big dreams for her restaurant.

on Jun 26, 2011

Equality rocks! Congratulations to all of my brothers and sisters, your voice is being heard! I'm so glad to see that progress is being made. We are all God's children. God is LOVE!

OK, so it looks like progress is being made in matters of family as well. I'm glad to see that Teresa realizes it does take two parties to make or break a relationship. It's so important for everyone to be in a positive place in order for relationships to move forward and sustain happy, healthy futures together. Everything sounds really great when she's saying it, and both Melissa and Teresa want the same things. Does anyone else notice something a bit peculiar? Why does Teresa insist that they shouldn't dwell on the past, and then in the next breath she is brings up the past? Oh OK, I get it, she's only allowed to bring up the past when it suits her. I wish she would recognize what she does. It's just one example of why addressing anything serious with her is so maddening.

For Teresa to bring up things that happened so many years ago that have long been resolved and put to rest is petty. This further illustrates that Teresa hangs on to issues of the past and will bring it up whenever it suits her. I do however think that the past can be brought up at times, when the issues have not been resolved and there are feelings that are put away and haven't been dealt with properly. If you bottle up your feelings and don't deal with them, they have a tendency to bubble up and explode when you least expect it.

Something always stands out to me when I watch the Laurita family interact with one another. Jacqueline in particular always cracks me up with her ability to poke fun at herself and make everyone around her laugh.