Kathy Wakile

Kathy was a little disturbed by Teresa's ability to act as if they never had the argument on the beach.

on Oct 4, 2011

In Teresa's conversation with Joe, she continues to try and justify her outburst. Joe really doesn't even want to hear it anymore, or maybe it's just her voice he's tired of. Yes, I should take the high road, but try reasoning with Teresa and see how irrational you become. Watching this scene over again really pisses me off. It takes me back to the Posche fashion show confrontation months ago when Teresa rationalized her outburst by twisting my words to suit herself.

When Jacqueline tries to make sense of Teresa's reaction, it gives Teresa the backing to legitimize her outburst. Jacqueline is being a good friend, but is also trying to present another side of the argument to get through to her. Unfortunately Teresa's response, like all of her responses, is that "I'm over it." Well, if you really are over it, why don't you do what Jacqueline says and come over and give me a hug and try to clear it up instead of pretending that everything is fine. Instead of dealing with a problem in a real way, she buries it. Who knows when she's going to clock me again with it? If she were over it she would come talk to me like a rational adult. Her lack of remorse shows me that she has no conscience and that's disturbing. I think you can tell that I can't fake it and pretend that the argument didn't affect me. 

So the next day we have a trip to the market. When it comes to Teresa, I always feel like I'm waiting to be ambushed. According to Teresa, we're going to the market to do research for this "Italian/Italian" fusion book. Was it Southern Italian versus Northern Italian, no, she's talking Latin/Italian. Once again Teresa demonstrates her knowledge of food and culinary expertise.