Kathy Wakile

Kathy opens up about Victoria's struggle.

on Jun 12, 2011

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in with me again this week.

Excuse me while I grab another tissue. While watching this episode I ran the gamut of emotions. I experienced it all -- happiness, shock, love, sadness, and pride.

So you finally got a chance to see the sweet and sensitive side of Joey Gorga, which all who know him love. He is so proud of Melissa and happy to support and encourage her dreams. As little girls, our fathers represent such a strong presence in our lives. Our heroes. After all, more often than not they are the first man in our lives that we had so much incredible love and respect for. What a gift when we are lucky enough to fall in love with a man to pick up where daddy left off.

Hello! Can you say carbon copy? I’m talking about Melissa’s childhood home video, of course. I couldn’t believe how much little Antonia looks just like her mama when she was a kid.

Who else fell in love with Antony? When Melissa shared her desire to pursue her dreams to sing with me, I immediately thought of introducing them. He’s adorable and so talented. It feels great to be able to connect gifted people. Can’t wait for you all to see what lies ahead!

Honesty is the best policy. Rules are meant to be broken. Just say no. How many times have we all said these things. Well you never know what your kids are going to say next. I’m sure you can imagine what I must have been feeling and thinking when my kids were renewing their contracts. We have been discussing drug and alcohol abuse along with appropriate behavior with Victoria and Joseph since they were very young. They do know what we expect and what we will accept. So when Joseph admits to us that he may have a drink when he’s a senior or junior in high school, I just about wanted to faint. Both my kids know very well that under age drinking is illegal.