Kathy Wakile

Kathy opens up about Victoria's struggle.

on Jun 12, 2011

The weeks that passed were a complete blur. Almost like an out of body experience for us. I did not allow myself to get side tracked with emotions or the heart break that I was experiencing. The best way I can explain it is that I was on auto pilot, almost like a robot with a recording device. I listened and absorbed everything the doctors told me about Victoria’s surgery and prognosis. The only thing I allowed myself to do that wasn’t medically related was pray. I prayed for everything, from the nurses getting home safely, to the surgeon going home to a peaceful dinner with his family the night before her surgery. I made a deal with the Lord during those dark days. If He should restore our daughter to good health, I promised to make sure that her life was not one lived in vain. If we were granted this wish, our family promised that we would always try to "pay it forward."

Never before had our faith been tested in such an extreme way. We learned a whole new dimension of the word trust. The most difficult thing that we have ever had to do was surrender our daughter to the hands of the doctor’s and say goodbye to her as she lay on the operating table. We didn't know what the outcome would be and how she would be returned to us.

We waited for what seemed to be an eternity, the longest ten hours of our lives. The surgeon wheeled our little girl towards us. I know I didn’t imagine this. There was an unmistakable glow that surrounded her. You can call me crazy if you like but, in my life I had never seen anything more beautiful. Victoria was sitting upright holding an oxygen mask in one hand and waving to us with the other. She knew us, and she was moving her arms and legs, and through the mask she was holding to her face I could see she was smiling!

The surgeon was able to successfully remove the tumor without it affecting or damaging any part of her brain or it’s function. As with any surgery there are risks, especially when the brain is involved. I am overjoyed to share with you that the tumor was BENIGN. As you can see by watching each week, Victoria is a perfectly healthy and strong young lady. I remember lying next to Victoria in bed that evening after the surgery when everyone had gone home. Victoria was caressing my hair and she said to me, "Mommy, It’s OK to cry now, I’m going to be OK." Can you imagine, my baby was comforting me.