Kathy Wakile

Kathy couldn't have asked for a better surprise on Christmas morning.

on Aug 3, 2011

On to the Manzo house. Love the collective kitchen chaos, and it's so obvious that Caroline loves it too. It was great to see the generations of love all gathered around the table. I must admit I've been very curious about this olive sauce since last week's episode. I wonder if Caroline will ever share that family recipe. How cute was Uncle Louie and his speech? Words to live by. 

I don't remember how old my kids were when we couldn't trick them about Santa Claus, but CJ is one smart kid. I swear he's a man trapped inside a little boy's body. I bet next Christmas he will devise a plan to keep Nicholas believing in Santa. 

I thought it was very gracious of Caroline to include our family in their New Year's Eve party at the Brownstone. We'll have to see, since my husband Jeff Goldblum is planning a trip back to Jurassic Park. Hopefully I can get him to change our plans. Richie actually gets that quite often. I remember one time we were on a cruise and someone asked him for his autograph. Richie was happy to sign, "Bon Voyage! Love, Jeff." Personally, I think my Richie is cuter. Sorry, no offense, Mr. Goldblum.

The Manzo unity bracelet was a beautiful gift and gesture from Caroline. 

It makes me sad to see Jacqueline and Ashley go through a tough time, especially around Christmas. I think that everyone matures at different rates. We often reach our a-ha moments at different stages in our lives. Some sooner than others. It's frustrating as a parent to see your child with so much to offer and so much talent not put it to good use. It is difficult to find the right words to get through to your kids. Add being in the public eye and now it just got harder to hear. However, Jacqueline has told me that sometimes when we watch ourselves in action, it helps to see where we could have done things differently. Ashley has a huge heart and is blessed with so much talent.