Kathy Wakile

Kathy explains why she wanted to talk to Teresa after the fashion show.

on May 23, 2011

As I sit back and watch this episode, I can't help but get caught up in the beauty of autumn. All of the rich and bountiful colors of New Jersey's harvest season, simply gorgeous. 

It was really fun to watch everyone gather together at the Laurita's to carve pumpkins. The kids really seemed to be having a great time, and Jacqueline was certainly in her comfort zone surrounded by the large gathering of family and friends. 

Seeing all the kids in their costumes brought back great memories for me. I sure do miss the days when Rich and I would gather together with our neighbors and all of our children and make our way through the neighborhood. Halloween is so much fun for everyone. Victoria and Joseph went off to a church youth group party with their friends, so I'm glad Rich and I decided to have some fun as well. That evening sure did have a few surprises! How hysterical was Joey working his gold, leopard dress!  

After the Gorga christening, Rich and I invited Melissa and Joey to come over and talk without the kids around. As you may have noticed, when things got out of hand at the christening, we tried to remain as calm as possible. Getting all of the children out of the room was our initial concern realizing that any more involvement would just make matters worse. Rich and I immediately gathered our kids, my mother, and sister and decided to leave. We felt so bad for Melissa and Joey. They were distraught, and we wanted to be there for them. We have known for years that there were issues that stood in the way of the Gorgas and the Guidices having a healthy relationship. As we all know, families are very complex. Their history and emotions have many layers. The outburst at the christening certainly did not occur from just a simple "congratulations."

As I said at the dinner table, "Sometimes things have to get to be the worst before they can get better." This was it. Rich and I wanted to try and help, even if it was small steps toward a resolution, we had to try. We thought the best way was to encourage both Joey and Teresa to meet and discuss what was bothering them. For Rich and I it has always been best to talk face to face. We've always felt that when you look into the eyes of your estranged loved one, you can see past the anger to the glimmer of love that will always shine through. Because with families it's not always bad, there's always so much more good. With that thought I had made up my mind that if the opportunity presented itself, I would try to speak to Teresa. I normally would not involve myself, but in this case, I witnessed their fight and the backlash. Things had gone too far.