Kathy Wakile

Kathy wishes she could do over certain moments from the season.

on Oct 27, 2011

Watching myself has really taught me so much. I continue to pray that with each day I learn a bit more about myself and the world we live in and try to do better. Don't you wish there was a rewind button on life? Too bad there isn't one. All we can ask is that we keep moving forward, learning from our experiences, and making changes for the better.

Every family has issues. When you think about it, it's because you are family that the issues are there in the first place. If you weren't bound together, you could easily just walk away. No more issues, plain and simple. But since you are bound together by love, you have an inseparable connection. Whether you want to interpret it as the love of the idea of a great big happy family, or the love for what once was, or just the love for someone that you are related to, family becomes an ongoing part of who you are.