Kathy Wakile

Kathy explains her hookah comment and expounds upon the magic of Christmas.

on Jul 10, 2011

Watching Jacqueline and her family make paper garlands was really sweet. That was a blast from the past. Her parents always seem to have to the right things to say. She is so lucky to have them.

Thank God for the Manzo women. It’s very clear who gets things done over there! Good girl, Lauren, crack that whip. I know that you may not have seen much of Greg yet, but who else loved Greg’s “Guido” voice? Is that what happens when you have too many sausage and pepper sangwiches? This trio really cracks me up.

Apparently nerves didn’t get the best of Melissa when the music producers came to visit. The girl can sing. I’m so glad that you all got a chance to really hear that this week. It’s just the beginning. You all knew it was coming, there’s no way Joey was going to be happy with Melissa singing in a studio for so many hours. The only logical thing is for him to build her a studio in the house. That was a no-brainer. Woman, what were you thinking? Your place is at home. Haha.

There’s nothing like a simple dish of pasta to bring you back to basics. I’m happy to see Teresa and Joe have their priorities in line and are on the right track to rebuilding their future. It all starts with a solid foundation and then the sky is the limit.