Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her thoughts on Teresa's Christmas Eve party.

on Jul 25, 2011

When Caroline was at the radio station and Chris called in it was very real. I'm sure Jacqueline and Chris aren't the only ones in this situation either. It's hard for all of them, Ashley, Jacqueline, and Chris. I do think Ashley is a bit misunderstood and do see a really good girl inside her. Deep down she knows how amazing Chris is to her, but she loves her daddy. Can you blame her? Daddies can do no wrong in their daughter's eyes. It's just the way it is. I feel that she loves Chris just as much, but maybe sometimes feels guilty for it. When she gets older she is going to love having two! Chris has such amazing patience with her and really treats her as if she is his own daughter. It's so clear how good he is to her, and she knows it too! Jacqueline is lucky to have found such an amazing man to help her raise her daughter, other step dads should take note. This is how you do it! 

Also, it was great to see the Manzo's Christmas. We all have so much food! And how adorable are Jacqueline's boys? What little cutie pies… they are shy, but when they pop their little faces how cute! 

Finally, I wanted to clear up all those nanny rumors out there. I read in more than one place that I have two nannies, a live in maid, and a cook…. Not true! You saw Silvina, who was our au pair for six months on the show. She was here from Argentina going to school and babysitting for me whenever I needed her to. She is so beautiful, I actually can't believe I let a young girl that beautiful live in my house ( that's so not like me)! She was so sad that night because she missed her family… It was going to be her first Christmas without them. I brought her with us because I didn't want her to be alone. We treated her like she was our teenage daughter. We loved her. She went back to Argentina about four months ago and we haven't had another nanny since. I do the cooking and cleaning in my house just like the rest of the world. So it's not true that I have an army of help.