Melissa Gorga

Melissa is just thankful for how far things have come between the Gorgas and the Giudices.

on Oct 12, 2011

When the stylist, Meital, was at my house she was styling me for another performance not the family picture. Obviously I would never wear any of those outfits to the family picture! She owns Reve Boutique in Englewood, NJ. All the Housewives shop at her store, every single one of us! I've been going to her for about eight years now. So she threw me off a little when she said that Teresa told her not to dress me or to style me, but I didn't make a big deal of it, I just ignored it. I have never approached Teresa on any of this, I never asked her why. I try not to argue about the things that are not going to hurt my life or my family. 

I went to Teresa's house that night for the family picture and didn't say a word. It's petty and I just wanted to wipe the slate clean. Did you see us all together at that family picture? It came out so beautiful, and that was such a great night! I felt complete inside and so did Joe! Those children are so innocent and so special and so beautiful, each and every one of them! My mother-in-law and father-in-law should be so proud of their seven healthy, beautiful grandchildren! And they both have one named after them (Antonia and Gino). What could be better? I just don't see how anything else could matter, I am so ready to put all the pettiness behind us and all the hurt feelings. Let's start fresh. Let's enjoy each other, and let the kids enjoy each other, before we know it they will be in high school. Why hurt one another, what does it get you?

So lets talk about the cookbook! Ugh! Why? Everything was so perfect! Each and everyone of us were in a good spot! Kathy, Caroline, Teresa, Jacqueline and I! Finally we could all just be together and have fun. I didn't make a big deal about it, I really think it's childish and kind of stupid. It just doesn't fit, it doesn't make sense. Everything was so good between us, why take that risk on messing things up again?