Melissa Gorga

Melissa feels lucky to have such a wonderful husband (and reveals her favorite holiday CD).

on Aug 3, 2011

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great summer. I had the best weekend down on the shore with my family. What a great time! 

Is this the longest Christmas ever? Geez! I feel like we have been watching Christmas forever. But who doesn't love it, so I guess there can never be too much.

So back to Christmas Eve at Teresa's house. Like I said before, what a wonderful time the kids had, I loved watching them together. Joe and I wanted to do the right thing and make sure we went to both Teresa and Kathy's houses. It was only right. Kathy had asked us when we had no plans for Christmas Eve and of course we said yes. We always go to Joe's family on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day. I do know Kathy had every intention of inviting Teresa too. That's why she kept persisting on talking to her at my party. Teresa just isn't ready I guess. I wish instead of pulling her brother aside and talking about the couple hours we were not going to spend there, she would have just cherished all the hours that we were there and be happy that we are all taking the steps to work this out. Her parents were happy, the kids were happy, and we all really enjoyed each other's company. Why always look for the negative? What about all the good that just happened? I felt bad for my husband because he was put on the spot, but he's a big boy and he handled it the right way. Of course Antonia didn't want to leave her cousins, but when she got to Kathy's house she was very happy to play with her other cousins Victoria and Joey! They treat her like a little doll, she had the best time at both houses!