Melissa Gorga

Melissa feels lucky to have such a wonderful husband (and reveals her favorite holiday CD).

on Aug 3, 2011

I felt so bad for Gia on Christmas morning, she still took her picture though! The girls were so cute running around and opening their presents. I'm happy that Joe and Teresa are in a good place and can give their children everything they ask for. Things have a way of looking up, and I think it's starting to happen for them now. A couple of weeks ago they were dining on the floor and now she has a huge dinning room table big enough for twenty people! God bless them that they are able to turn everything around and have a special day for their kids.

I have to admit it is really hard to watch our families enjoying Christmas and then have to hear Joe Guidice continue to make nasty comments about me. 

Next week you're going to see a play date between Teresa and I and New Year's Eve! We partied all night at the Brownstone! 

OK, I guess it's time for me to I hop on my broom and fly away! LOL.

I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!



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