Melissa Gorga

Melissa tells us about her recent trip to LA and shares her thoughts on the talk with Teresa.

on Jun 29, 2011

Did you see my little girl ballroom dance? I was really proud of her! She practiced really hard for that show and did such a great job. She really knows how to shake it! Sometimes I can't believe the way I see her move around the house. It really does come naturally to her, and she's just got it! I love her so much! 

Something about watching your child perform in front of a huge group of people makes me very proud that she is so confident and had the guts to do it. She was the youngest one there! There were about thirty acts that night, once again you only saw the older people who went, who by the way, were also so good! But there were many other children there performing from ages 8-16 and then there were the adults. It was such a great show! That's an incredible dance school.

Also, did you see how happy my husband was with his mother? Ah, this is what I like! No tension, just good family times. So happy she came and got to watch her granddaughter! Joe was so happy she was there, we all danced for hours! Joe was beaming with happiness. It was all over his face, and I felt the same. This is all we ever want! Love this! My mother, my sister, and Kathy's family all came to support Antonia, and it was such a great and memorable night! We all laughed together and had an incredible night together. I was so happy Antonia got to have both of her grandmothers there on her big night!